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Lora Terres has been practicing acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) full-time for 31 years. Licensed in Colorado after achieving a Diplomat degree from NCCAOM.
As a professor at the Southwest Acupuncture College, Lora discovered that her passion truly rested in practice. Upon returning to the patients she so adored, she has sustained one of Boulder’s longest-running Acupuncture Clinics with equally adoring clientele.

Among her specialties is the digestion complications, pregnancy complications, musculoskeletal relief, and especially complex cases that take the eyes of an expert. Through her systematic diagnosis strategy, Lora gets to the heart of the issue and offers actionable solutions. Thousands have benefited simply from her advice in food medicine, thousands more from her herbal compounding.

Lora loves a challenge​! Why not try the best? 

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