TCM uses the body as a map to identify both physical and emotional imbalances. The location of the headache can provide the first clue to successfully reducing headache-related pain. It tells us where there is a lack of flow or congested energy in the head. The area where pain is experienced is related to a specific organ, emotion, and time of day.

For example, pain located on one or both sides of the head is associated with the gallbladder. We often think of this type of headache as a tension headache. The gallbladder is associated with decision-making and the ability to pay attention. Emotions of stress, anger, and frustration are associated with the gallbladder. It is easy to see why these types of headache are so predominant. Long hours at work or at the computer can contribute to their development.

Headaches that originate at the forehead are related to the stomach. These headaches are commonly associated with digestive symptoms and excessive worry or overthinking. Eating on the run, skipping meals, and poor nutrition are factors commonly seen with this headache location. Taking the time to sit down and enjoy a good meal may be of great help in taming these types of headaches. 

The top of the head is related to the liver and kidney. Headaches that start there need to be correlated with other symptoms or time of day when the headache begins to better evaluate the root cause. Generally, they are related to stress and anxiety. These types of headaches are strongly correlated with high-pressure lifestyles and demanding schedules.  The time of day a headache begins and ends tells a lot about its root cause. Headaches that start in the morning are associated with digestive function. Generally, patients will have other digestive complaints in addition to the headaches.

Mid-day and late afternoon headaches are usually related to imbalances, deficiencies, or excesses in the kidney and bladder organs and meridians. Meridians are energy channels that run through the body. TCM identifies 12 major meridians running through the body that connect to organs and viscera and act as an energy network making valuable energy connections. Lower back and joint pain, insomnia, and tinnitus are often related symptoms.

Neck Pain

Lora has 27 years of experience dealing with Neck injuries and pain as a result of numerous reasons of neck problems. Correcting the imbalance goes beyond just the neck area. Addressing the root cause encourages the body to heal itself in a very deep way.  Neck pain is often a stagnation in the GallBladder channel. The channel starts in the head near the eye and runs around the head through the neck and shoulders, laces the side of the body ending on the 2nd to smallest toe. Often the foot points are used to effect the neck!