Functional Nutrition

  • Combining modern research and ancient wisdom, Lora has deep knowledge of the body’s imbalances. By prognosticating the course of what would appear to be a trivial symptom or an overlooked tendency, Lora corrects disease before it has the chance to develop.

    Using testing procedures unique to TCM and selected by Lora’s experience, it is possible to not only make predictions but to recommend simple lifestyle changes. This includes but is not limited to the addition of herbal supplements and changes in diet based on the long-studied properties of common foods.

    Since every plant and animal has its own “personality”, their consumption causes the innate forces within each of us to alter. This can be useful if one is deficient in a particular way and this is corrected through diet; it can also be counterproductive should that food overload your physiology. By conducting tests to determine not only which foods are best for you, but what the underlying nature of your body is, Lora has the potential to make some life-changing recommendations that can make sense of even lifelong issues which vex allopathic professionals.

    TCM was developed over thousands of years, based on evidence. So it should be no surprise to you that TCM treatments have been found to be effective by modern, evidence-based medicine. Different studies have found diet remediation and supplementation in accordance with TCM have been found treat disorders as diverse as:

    • Increasing bone density
    • Ameliorating Eczema
    • Improving neuropathy
    • Building muscle mass in vulnerable populations
    • Protecting neurons and epilepsy prevention
    • Alzheimer’s related problems

    …and many, many more!

    It is impossible to distil thousands of years of accumulated knowledge so compactly. I would encourage you to heed the advice of an expert to see what TCM and functional medicine can do for you!


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