Functional Nutrition

  • Combining modern research and ancient wisdom, Lora has deep knowledge of the body’s imbalances. By prognosticating the course of what would appear to be a trivial symptom or an overlooked tendency, Lora corrects disease before it has the chance to develop.

    Lora has extensively studied Functional Medicine, beginning her studies at the dawn of the functional medicine movement with Jeffery Bland widely considered the father of Functional Medicine — nearly 25 years ago. She is known for her ability to assess whole health — combining acupuncture, functional medicine and herbal remedies — complemented by muscle testing and NAET/Bioset allergy elimination techniques. Her approach, and decades of experience working with patients, leaves clients balanced, and operating at optimal health, able to fully reclaim and live their lives to the fullest.

    Using testing procedures unique to Functional Medicine and selected by Lora’s experience, it is possible to not only make dramatic changes in your health, but to recommend simple lifestyle adjustments too. This includes but is not limited to the addition of herbal supplements and changes in diet based on the long-studied properties of common foods.

    Since every plant and animal has its own “personality”, their consumption causes the innate forces within each of us to alter. This can be useful if one is deficient in a particular way and this is corrected through diet; it can also be counterproductive should that food overload your physiology.  By conducting tests to determine not only which foods are best for you, but what the underlying nature of your body is, Lora has the potential to make some life-changing recommendations that can make sense of even lifelong issues which vex allopathic professionals.

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